Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral

Balmoral is... a place of support. The Artists’ Residence in Schloss Balmoral was founded 1995 in Bad Ems, foundation for Culture in Rhineland Palatinate to support graduate international visual artists by awarding of presence- and project scholarships. For artists from Rhineland Palatinate we also offer scholarships abroad in New York and London. Since 2007, Künstlerhaus Schloß Balmoral is also responsible for the state scholarships in Paris, Burgundy and Wiepersdorf. Scholarship holders will be chosen by a selection committee. The association Balmoral 03 which was founded in 2003, plays an essential part between the scholarship holders and people interested in art. This association offered an award for the first time in 2006. In many ways, Balmoral 03 gives support to the house and its artists.

Balmoral is... a place for meeting and discussion. The visual artists living here have the opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn from one another. In order to promote the dialogue between theory and practical experience, we invite philosophers, art critics, gallery owners and other artists to talks and lectures, whereby the individual wish of the scholarship holders will be taken into consideration if possible. In cooperation with the University Koblenz-Landau we soon will offer a variety of top-class academic lectures. Along with regular events, guided tours take place once a month and during the exhibitions so that the house will get more open to the public.


Balmoral is... a place of contemplation and creativity. The visual artists are provided with own studios and workshops for working with wood and metal. There is also a photo laboratory, a video room and PCs, which are adapted to accommodate the increasing requirements for technical equipment. The continous extension of the library with some 5500 books about modern and present art completes this offer. The relaxed atmosphere of the castle and the splendid buildings in Bad Ems, mainly from the 19th century, form an exciting alternative when set against the more functional architecture in the years following the war. The history of the spa town and the delightful Lahn valley countryside, of which Dostojewski was said to have been more impressed by than that in Switzerland, offer a wide variety of sources of inspiration, where lasting impressions have found their way into many works of art by the scholarship holders.

dining room

Balmoral is... a place of exhibition. It is a matter of importance for the the artists’ residence in Schloss Balmoral that the scholarship holders are presented to the public and become established in the art market. Along with the exhibitions in the castle, a nationwide presence is targeted. Works of art by the Balmoral scholarship holders have, up to now, been shown in Prague, in the permanent representation of the government of Rhineland-Palatinate in Berlin, at the Art Cologne within the framework of a promotional booth, as well as in the first and second Kunstsalon Berlin. More than 100,000 visitors took in the work of the artists’ house and its scholarship holders. In 2006, a whole year was shown at the Jackpot exhibition for the first time at two exhibitions: at the art club Ludwigshafen am Rhein e.V. (registered association) and at the Körperpark gallery in Neukölln, Berlin.

exhibition space

Balmoral is... a centre for contemporary art. The City of Bad Ems in the 19th century not only owes its brilliance to the nobility , but also to many artists who were guests here: Eugène Delacroix, Fjodor Dostojewski, Franz Liszt, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakow and Richard Wagner were among the most prominent persons. Since it opened in 1995, the artists’ residence, Schloss Balmoral, has not just housed over 100 scholarship holders, it has also invited illustrious guests like Christian Boltanski, Günter Uecker, Jonathan Meese, Ben Patterson to the exhibitions; others like Christoph Schlingensief and David Medalla gave us the honour to pass some time in our house. The exhibition „Unverzagt, das Hotel Balzer“ which took place during the Kultursommer 2007 showed works of art by those scholarship holders who have constantly studied the ruins of the former spa hotel over the last 10 years. This former spa hotel is not far away from the artists’ residence.

Balmoral is... a place of vision. The artists’ residence in Castle Balmoral describes itself as a gateway between the different art media and theoretical reflection as well as a mediator between the former and present scholarship holders.
Balmoral wants to build a bridge between today and the future of the artists whose works and projects will find our conduct and support beyond the time of their scholarship at Balmoral.

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