Hortus conclusus/apertus 2009

We cordially invite you to the following exhibition opening and request that you publish the invitation:

Hortus conclusus/apertus

with works of the Balmoral artists in residence 2009 and one curator:
Laura Bruce (USA), Jane Cheadle (South Africa), Jáchym Fleig (Czech Republic/Germany), Björn Franke, Brigitte Mahlknecht (Italy), Christina Nägele (Austria), Frédéric Sanchez (France), Lieke Snellen (The Netherlands)

The title refers to the situation of a residency programme situated in a historic town in a romantic landscape, far from the noise of megacities. It bears something of the paradise garden as depicted by medieval artists. It offers the quietness required to fully concentrate on work, far away from daily concerns, and allows the artists to focus on the artistic scopes and to experiment with new things without questioning the issue. For many, the encounter with other international artists helps to find new solutions or try new paths. Before the artists can radiate their surroundings with their art, they also need to be in contact with the place and its population. In order to allow the permeability between them and the outer world, the door of the paradise garden has to be kept open at all times. In some way, the quietness needs the dynamics to be productive.

The examination both of Balmoral and the town of Bad Ems have enabled the creation of specific artistic works referring to found motives, tools and situations. For instance: Jáchym Fleig will spread an ornament on the wall, windows and ceiling which relates to the central star motif decorating the stone floor of the residency and the plaster rosette. In doing so, he creates a tension between the desire to decorate the space and the irritation produced by the displacement of its positioning. Laura Bruce, who is presenting a series of oversize graphite drawings, has also started to investigate sculptural forms that will be presented for the first time. The curator Christina Nägele has conducted researches on the memory left by artistic interventions in the public space as recorded by the population of Bad Ems. A programme that she created for schools means there is a further project linking the activities of the residents with the population of the spa town.

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Urban Landscape 2011
TrAIN to Bad Ems 2009