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Installation "Rotes Büffet"

Christoph Mügge about his installation

Schloß Balmoral´s exhibition space called Laden N° 5 is located in Römerstraße, the main street of the small town Bad Ems, encompassed by fashion boutiques, delicates- and decoration shops, as well as kitsch galleries and shops with rummage sale. Diagonally opposite from the marble hall, the installation Red Buffet in the Laden N° 5, well-lighted day and night and very visible from the street through the shop windows, is a strong contrast to its surrounding. It is a disturbing factor in the idyllic spa town Bad Ems just as the town´s own partly bloody history.

The wall-mounted sculpture ARM depicts an industrial robot that grabs pieces from the RED BUFFET, a reddish mixture of substances that fills and surrounds many different food packages, and stands universally for processed food. Different packages of e.g. fast food, snacks and candy mingle with the camouflage of the installation in a similar colour scheme of red, white and dots of green and together create an unappetising wasteland that associates mass produced and leftover food.
RED BUFFET explores our relation to foodstuffs in different ways and it contains clear references to packed red meat, slaughterhouses, blood and industrial accidents.

The uniform look of this at the first sight heavy definable material is also used to make the viewer think of that the same ingredients can be hidden in all kinds of products, something that the average consumer is not aware of. This is inspired by Christien Meindertsma´s book Pig 05049 which is a documentation of the variety of products that parts of one single pig are used in. The plaster used in the installation might contain pig bones and many of the empty food packages have contained pork in forms of schnitzels and hamburgers, but even in more hidden forms like in liquorice, crisps and bread.

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